Acute & Chronic Pain Management

For many people, living with pain is a part of everyday life, whether it is temporary pain, such as a strain, or a more chronic pain, such as migraines, neck pain, or back pain.

Pain is exhausting and negatively impacts your quality of life. Unfortunately, the help we receive when we visit our doctor often fails to get to the root of the problem. What happens when you have exhausted all treatment options, you have undergone surgery, you have tried pain medication, and you are STILL in pain?

Traditional Chinese Medicine approaches the treatment of pain in an entirely different way. 

TCM recognizes that there are many different types of pain we experience and for many different reasons. TCM diagnoses pain as the non-free flow of qi and blood. Acupuncture therapy can release blocked qi in the body and stimulate function, evoking the body’s natural healing response.

Western science has demonstrated acupuncture’s effects on the brain, nervous and endocrine systems, and connective tissue. Along the locations of the channels and points there is an abundance of blood vessels, nerve, and lymph tissue. Biological responses that occur during an acupuncture treatment include the release of endorphins, hormones, serotonin, and anti-inflammatory agents to help the body heal, restore function, and resolve pain.

Treatment Details

In my treatments I commonly use modalities to treat pain such as motor point acupuncture, trigger point acupuncture, dry needling, neurofunctional acupuncture using a tens machine, and manual therapies such as myofascial release and rehabilitative stretches. The goal is to correct imbalances in the muscles and joints, and reduce inflammation to restore normal, pain-free movement.

Injuries or repetitive use of muscles can cause contraction and shortening of the muscle which over time accumulates and puts strain on tendons and joints causing pain and dysfunction. Motor Point acupuncture, trigger point acupuncture, and dry needling can reset contracted muscles to restore joints to their normal function, reduce inflammation, improve flexibility, and reduce or eliminate pain.

We may also incorporate other modalities such as dietary modification, whole food supplements, herbal medicine, and breathing & relaxation techniques to help reduce and manage pain naturally.

Treatment Frequency

Acupuncture is a process, not a procedure. We do not know how your body will respond until we try a few sessions. Almost everyone will need a series of treatments to get the best results.

You should notice positive changes in your body within the first five appointments; however, a typical course of treatment is one or two times a week for 5 to 10 weeks.

Painful conditions that we treat: