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“Given the proper resources, your body has the amazing ability to heal itself.” 

Acupuncture, Nutrition & Herbal Medicine in Lockport, NY

You are worthy of having health and vitality so that you can create the life and family you deserve.

Your body is capable of so much more than merely pain, stress, exhaustion, sluggish digestion, and other imbalances. If you are like many of the patients I work with, you have found your way here because you are ready to experience greater physical, mental and emotional wellness.
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Our Patients

We work with patients with a wide range of health issues. You may be struggling with headaches, acute or chronic aches and pains, or you could use more energy, joy, and balance in your daily life. Perhaps you are feeling anxious or stressed, and suffering from digestive issues. Or maybe you are struggling with hormonal imbalance and are looking for natural ways to boost your fertility and support your pregnancy.

The patients who do the best under our care:

  • Are seeking an alternative or compliment to conventional medicine, using safe and natural solutions with minimal or no side effects
  • Are interested in discovering the underlying cause or root of their health problems, rather than just suppressing the symptoms
  • Are motivated to play an active role in their own healing process
  • Are willing to make the necessary dietary and lifestyle changes to support their healing and total life wellness

How will you be supported to bring your health goals to reality?

Our practice has helped many people just like you. We understand that health is so much more than just the absence of disease. Your health is the most precious asset that you have.

We use a variety of tools, including detailed health questionnaires, a thorough health intake and examination, acupuncture, bodywork, nutritional therapy, detoxification, whole food supplements, herbal medicine, stress management, and lifestyle modifications to help your body restore proper balance, promote optimal function, prevent and reverse disease, and improve quality of life.

Our treatment philosophy:

  • To focus on you as an individual, not as a disease label
  • To focus on identifying and addressing the underlying cause of an illness, rather than just suppressing the symptoms to give you lasting results
  • To respect, empower, educate and encourage you to play active role in your healing process
  • To use natural and gentle techniques, that support your body in the healing process to help you to overcome chronic health issues
  • To provide ongoing preventative wellness and maintenance treatments to sustain your health


You only have one body to live in, so there is nothing more important than getting proactive about your health and our mission is to support you in this process.


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